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O b j e c t i v e s   a n d   P h i l o s o p h y

ImagineAsia Productions has been set up to produce short and feature films shot in the UK and internationally.

With this objective in mind, and the success of our first short 'Looking For You' we shot our second short production 'Khaana' which has recently won the renowned 'Future Filmmaker Award 2012' at the Palm Springs Short Film Festival 2012. It also received high praise and had it's South Asia Premiere at the Kerala Short Film Festival.

Following the very encouraging and positive feedback to both short films a feature length screenplay is now being developed, and we hope to be producing a feature version of ‘Looking For You’ in the near future.

The founders of ImagineAsia Productions both have an extensive knowledge of the British Asian scene and Cary Sawhney is a world class expert on contemporary South Asian cinema, with an understanding of these different markets and different styles of filmmaking. We are strongly committed to producing films that cross-over between audiences, including both South Asian and mainstream British, and also other European audiences.

Our philosophy at ImagineAsia Productions is that we strive to make good independent films using a richness of stories from minority ethnic cultural backgrounds and this reflects our commitment to promoting minority and ethnic talent regardless of race, religion, disability, age, gender, or sexual orientation. Our current slate of scripts  include a number of culturally diverse films and our talented production team is made up of people from many different backgrounds.


P r o j e c t s   U n d e r   D e v e l o p m e n t

‘Looking For You’ (Feature Length Film)

A British Asian girl announces to a middle aged man that she is his wife from their last life in 1940’s India. They were re-born out of sync. She is however sectioned in a mental health hospital, but he gradually starts to believe in her strange story, which turns his mundane life upside down and leads them towards a dramatic finale.
‘Thank God for Pinkie’ (Short Film) 
A comedy about a straight Asian man who just can’t get a girlfriend in spite of help from his Mum and a disastrous line up of old-ball straight mates. Finally his super-camp and confident cousin Pinkie from Birmingham shows up and takes him ‘Out’ to find the girl of his dreams.
‘Miss You Paolo’ (Short Film)
A romantic drama about love lost and found. Jenni is a 45 year old single British woman who hears that her Senegalese, first lover Paolo (now married with children), is dying of cancer. Jenni realises that after all these years she still loves Paolo and considers how to say goodbye.

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